Data is the name of the game. Our team of DBAs and statisticians are well versed in several database languages ranging from Access to SQL. They make sure that every report is accurate and your data is sent to you in a timely fashion. Our Marketing group can budget, build, design and implement your project from start to finish; all while providing you with feedback and customer support.

We offer technological support through customized software to meet the growing technology needs of many companies. With our intuitive and innovative solution-based design team, we provide intelligent and practical answers for technological challenges.

Our company offers trained call center support to assist other businesses. Our trained staff can provide 24/7 coverage to meet the demands of any call center needs. As a direct result of our advanced technology and highly trained staff, companies rely on us for their many telemarketing needs.

MacFarlane Group knows how important management of financial and human resources are to every company. Through effective hiring practices, MacFarlane Group companies employ the best managers to lead and grow the various MacFarlane Group entities. With highly perceptive vision to meet personal and corporate needs, MacFarlane Group’s management teams are the best investments for rapid growth and sound, goal-oriented, decision-making based on research.